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The interdisciplinary conference “The Ethnic and the Social: the Forms of Interplay and Conflicts” within the research project “Historia nationem gignit” will be held in the Institute of  History of Saint-Petersburg State University in February, 24-26, 2016 (supervisor of the project: Fyodorov S.E., PhD, Professor of the Medieval History Department, St. Petersburg State University).

Specialists in history, sociology, political science, social and cultural anthropology, ethnology, philology, imagology, art criticism are invited to take part in this conference. The participation of postgraduate students, masters and undergraduate students is welcome.

This is the third conference held by the committee of Historia Nationem Gignit project on the research of such phenomena as ethnicity, nations and nationalism. Previous conferences have revealed the necessity to bring up the issue of interplay and conflict of the ethnic and the social, which is integral to both pre-industrial and industrial societies, and to identify local and transcultural specificity inherent in such proccesses. The committee would like potential participants of the conference to focus on the issue not only in its stadial perspective, restricted by a certain period (early forms of ethnogenesis, legitimacy of historical-cultural models of social superiority, power relations, migration), but also in a wider context addressing the questions of methodology. The committee of the conference intends to discuss the following issues:

  1. The methodology of research of the ethnic and social phenomena.
  2. The ethnic and the social in  the epochs before nationalism. The issue of fusion and atomization.
  3. The issues of ethnogenesis.
  4. Social dimensions of ethnic, ethno-cultural and ethno-political identities.
  5. The antropology of ethno-confessional communities.
  6. The ethnic aspect in social conflicts.
  7. Ethno-social and ethno-professional communities : terminology and issues of typology
  8. Nation as a backbone of a state. The experience of nation states. Ethnic nation and civic nation.
  9. The fascism and para-fascism in the twentieth century: the dynamics  of intersubstition of  the ethnic and the social.
  10. The representation of the ethnic and the social in the mass-media and literature. The experience of discourse-analysis.
  11. Ethnization of social, political, legal and educational institutions in the epochs before nationalism and national epochs.
  12. Group identification and urban space. Everyday practices of ethnic manifestation.
  13. The ethnic and the social in the multicultural space: migration and ethnic processes in pre-industrial and industrial societies.
  14. Ethnic and the issue of socialization in pre-industrial and industrial societies.

The working languages of the conference are English and Russian.

Submit your application to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Application deadline: 30.11.2015

The application should include the topic of the paper, its summary (300 words) as well as the details of the applicant (academic status, occupation or place of education) and contact details.


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